Programs & Services

The Department of Fire Services places a high value on those activities that are associated with Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Education. Each year In-Service fire companies conduct fire inspections at all businesses, churches, and schools. Approximately 1,000 inspections are conducted from May to October.

In April, Fire personnel conduct testing on all public fire hydrants located within the City. A total of nearly 350 hydrants are tested for proper operation and any physical obstructions in the use of the hydrant. All malfunctions are reported to Missouri American Water for repair.

For more information on the types of calls the Fire Department receives every month, please click here for our monthly Fire Reports.

Additional Programs

Other programs from the City of Crestwood Fire Services include

Blood Pressure Readings

Free Blood Pressure readings are conducted upon request at the Fire House.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week gives the Department the opportunity to educate the public on fire safety and prevention at home and in the workplace. Over 2,000 pieces of educational materials are distributed at visits to schools, churches and during tours of the Firehouse.

Fire Safety & Prevention Classes

Classes in fire safety and prevention and first-aid are offered to residents and businesses at the firehouse.

Residential Fire Safety Inspections

Residential fire safety inspections are conducted at the request of the home owner that are informational and non-binding on the owner.

Smoke Detector & Battery Replacement Program

Our Smoke Detector Program for senior citizens and the disabled offers a free detector to those individuals who qualify. Department members install the detector and each year offer to change the battery in October during "Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery" promotion.

Special Needs Program

In the event of an incident causing structural damage to homes in the City, the Fire Department has developed a program to locate residents with mobility challenges. We have a list of addresses where the inhabitants may not be able to reach an area of refuge. These locations will be noted and we’ll have a better idea of whom may have difficulties if the house is damaged.