Residential Rental Property Occupancy Permit

The City of Crestwood requires a residential rental property occupancy permit for all rental properties in the City. Any homeowner/company that is trying to rent a property - whether it is a Single-Family Residence, Villa, Condo, Apartment, etc. - must receive a residential rental property occupancy permit from the Department of Public Works. At this time, If a homeowner is selling a property from one homeowner to another homeowner, then NO rental occupancy permit is required.

Any and all rental properties will not be allowed occupancy until a clean inspection (without deficiencies) has been achieved. 


The inspection is performed by a City-contracted representative and looks into the interior and exterior of a property, including but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, foundations, safety items, etc. To see a more inclusive list of potential issues, please pull up the Inspection Checklist.

Any issues that are found that are not in accordance with the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), with amendments as adopted by the City of Crestwood, will be indicated on this checklist. Additional information will be provided at this time, if necessary.

Re-Inspection, if needed

The property owner will receive a letter from the City outlining the steps required for approval, prior to scheduling a re-inspection. After all items have been addressed, the property owner will then contact the Department of Public Works to schedule a re-inspection. 

Upon successful completion of the inspection, the City will issue an occupancy permit to the property owner.


Should an applicant disagree with the results of an inspection, or feel that the code is being interpreted incorrectly or unfairly, the applicant may appeal to the Public Works Board. Please see the Department of Public Works Administrative Assistant, Shirley Brown, to be put on the agenda.

Application Fee

The Applications Fee is as follows:

  • For a first inspection of a single-family residence, villa, condo, apartment, etc., the cost is $340. The fee is due, upon remittance of the permit application and should be submitted to the City of Crestwood.
  • If the rental dwelling fails the initial inspection, an additional $175 re-inspection fee is required.
  • Payment: Currently, only checks and cash are accepted as payment.