Community Center Policies

  1. Fair Play Policy
  2. ADA Policy
  3. Satisfaction Guaranted 
  4. Inclement Weather Policy
  5. Program  Refund Policy

Fair Play Policy

The Crestwood Parks and Recreation Department offers opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to provide for personal growth in a safe environment. Please assist us in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment by following our Fair Play Policy. Individuals using parks and recreation facilities are expected to:

  • Wear appropriate attire including a shirt and shoes in the Community Center.
  • Refrain from using abusive or profane language.
  • Refrain from placing themselves and/or others at risk, such as:
    • Biting
    • Fighting
    • Hitting
    • Kicking
    • Spitting
  • Respect one another and one another’s belongings.
  • Respect others right to an odor free environment by using proper hygiene and refraining from use of scented products that produce any noticeable smell that others may find offensive or to which they have medical sensitivities.
  • Not participate in any unlawful activities (i.e., illegal drugs, weapons, vandalism, stealing, etc.).
  • Remain with their instructor; follow directions to the best of their ability and refrain from causing disruptions and respect the equipment, supplies and facilities.
  • Persons who endanger the safety of themselves or others will be removed from the park facility and/or recreation program. Other infractions of the rules will be handled as deemed necessary by the parks and recreation department staff. If children are involved, their parents and/or guardian will be contacted. The safety of our participants is our primary concern.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.