Welcome to the Crestwood Police Department

The Mission of the Crestwood Police Department is Public Service.

The Mission Statement of the Crestwood Police Department is to provide Quality Police Services through high ethical and professional standards. This mission is attained through a sincere and professional commitment to Public Service and Safety.

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Public Services Role

Public Service includes, but is not limited to Preserving the Peace and Order of the City of Crestwood, through conflict management and enforcement of the Laws of The United States, State of Missouri, and the ordinances of both St. Louis County and the City of Crestwood.

The Police Officers of the City of Crestwood are extensively trained and are committed to the rule of law and have the unique authority to investigate crime, search, seize and use the reasonable and necessary force to arrest criminal offenders.

This extensive training includes being responsive, courteous and responsible to the public they proudly serve.

Police Activity Reports

The City of Crestwood Police Department publishes their activity reports on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

How to Contact the Police

If you have an emergency, a crime in progress, medical emergency, or fire, please call 911.

If you wish to report a non-emergency situation or just require some information, please contact the Police Department at 314-729-4800.