Community Notification

Community Notification is the ability of the City of Crestwood to contact the residents in emergencies, to provide crime information and to provide other information to the community. This ability was former known as Reverse911 and in 2013 the system received an upgrade that added many additional features to the system. The Community Notification system links a recorded message, email message, or text message with a list of telephone number, cell phone numbers, or email addresses, either pulled from a map or from a list.

This message and destination is then forwarded to a center in Tennessee and sent out to our residents. The former system would only deliver messages to telephone numbers but with the 2013 upgrade, we are able to deliver to email addresses and text messages and we can access a large bank of telephone numbers to send messages out.

Uses of System

Some of the uses for Community Notification have been burglaries in a residential area, reminders to lock your vehicles when we have had thefts from vehicles, Public Works updates during mill and overlay season and road closure information.


Please register on the City of Crestwood’s Self Registration Portal to receive this vital information. Visit the Self Registration Portal. If you have an unlisted telephone number or only have a cell phone, you will need to register on the Self Registration Portal to receive the Community Notification. Our vendor updates the telephone number database once a year but it only includes wired telephones without unlisted numbers.

More Information

If you have questions about Community Notification, please call Chief of Police Jonathan Williams at 314-729-4832 or E-mail Chief Williams.