Mayor's Message

June/July 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to the Board of Aldermen to new Ward 1 Alderman Jesse Morrison and new Ward 4 Alderman John Sebben. Both gentlemen previously served several years on Crestwood’s Public Works Board. The countless hours put in by the members of the City’s boards, commissions, and committees to advance the interests of the citizens of Crestwood is greatly appreciated.

The Board of Aldermen has approved the formation of a 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee to oversee the planning and preparation for the events and commemorations to mark Crestwood’s 75th birthday in 2022. Please email Chairman and Ward 3 Alderman, Greg Hall, at with any ideas you have, or if you are willing to serve as a volunteer in any capacity. The Committee’s first meeting will be June 7, and they will be meeting the first Monday of each month throughout the year to plan next year’s events and celebration.

The Crestwood Redistricting Committee was also formed in accordance with the City Charter. Once the City receives the necessary data from the Census Bureau later this year, this Committee will analyze the data, and recommend any necessary boundary changes in the City’s wards to the Board of Aldermen.  Any changes will be made prior to the opening of filing for the 2022 Aldermanic elections. 

The City of Crestwood has entered into a multi-year agreement to have police dispatching administered by the City of Sunset Hills. This will go into effect beginning July 1st. We believe this collaboration will be best for the City in the long run. 

This change will keep more police officers on the street instead of having to pull them to cover dispatch shifts, it will unify the Crestwood and Sunset Hills Police departments on one radio channel to allow for better coordination of public safety, and allow us to save taxpayer dollars and reinvest those resources back into the City. Our agreement is modeled off similar recent agreements including the City of Des Peres contracting with the City of Kirkwood and the City of Manchester contracting with the City of Ballwin   

The Mall redevelopment project continues to advance positively. The TIF Commission will be holding a public hearing on June 17th concerning the project. 

Following the work of the Commission, the Board of Aldermen will be considering the project for approval later this year. 

Tentatively, the City is planning on resuming in-person meetings in July, following the conclusion of our Government Center construction projects. Once completed, we will be holding an open house, and providing tours of the renovated portions of the facility. 

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to ‘Mayors for Meals’ for the St. Louis Area Foodbank this May. Last year, Crestwood residents donated more pounds of food than several larger cities, and this year was no different.  As a City, we donated more than 1300 pounds. Thank you to everyone who donated!

I hope everyone gets a chance to get the most out of their summer. From the opening of the Aquatic Center, to the dozens of parks programs, to the countless businesses and restaurants within the City, please enjoy everything Crestwood has to offer. 

Stay safe, and shop Crestwood first!

Mayor, Grant Mabie