Zoning Code

The zoning and development code for the City of Crestwood is Chapter 26 of the City's municipal code.

The zones, as defined, are:
  • Residential Zones: R-1. R-2. R-3. R-4. R-5, PD-R
  • Commercial Zones: C-1, PD-C
  • Industrial Zones: M-1. PD-M
  • Mixed Use Zones: PD-MXD
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You may also download a printer-friendly version of the zoning code in PDF format by clicking here (last updated: September, 2021).
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DateActionArticles Affected
1/12/2021Entire Zoning Code Re-writeArticles I-XII
4/27/2021Home Occupation Permit AddedArticle IV
07/27/2021Rename "Home Occupation" to "Home-based business"Article IV
08/28/2021Repeal and replace Landscape CodeArticle V
09/14/2021Expand review period for Final Development PlansArticle III
09/14/2021Adopt Missouri Botanical Garden stormwater management standards for residential lotsArticle IX
10/26/2021Allow administrative approval of requests to extend CUP deadlines for obtain occupancy permitsArticle III
01/25/2022Allow microbreweries and wineries as a Conditional Use in the M-1 and PD-M zoning districtsArticle IV

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Pre-Application Meeting

To set up a pre-application meeting, please email a pre-application request form to the City Planner Danny Jendusa at djendusa@cityofcrestwood.org.