Police Accreditation

MO Police Chiefs Assoc.Police Accreditation

The Crestwood Police Department officially completed their final assessment on March 5, 2021 for accreditation through the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation. 

“The Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation accreditation increases the effectiveness and efficiency in which we can deliver law enforcement services to our community,” said Chief of Police Jonathan Williams.

“This accreditation will help the Crestwood Police Department not only establish standards that address and reduce liabilities but it will also help the department maintain the most current best practices in the field of law enforcement.”

The accreditation is nearly four years in the making for the City of Crestwood. Since 2017, Sgt. David Gray has been tasked with re-writing all of the Police Department’s General Orders and Directives. These directives, the Department’s policies and procedures, must follow 145 separate criteria set forth by the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation.  

On top of that, Sgt. Gray was tasked with three years of extensive record keeping, as the Police Department must prove each year that they follow all of these directives. Going forward, every three years, the Department will be reassessed to ensure they are maintaining the high level of service expected of every accredited agency. 

“Our accreditation confirms the professionalism, hard work, and dedication of the Crestwood Police Department,” said Chief Williams. “Sgt. Gray’s performance as the Accreditation Manager was and is simply outstanding. The entire department is grateful for his hard work over the past three years. One of the assessors even said Sgt. Gray’s organizational skills were some of the best he had seen in his many years doing this process.”