Support Services Commander

Lieutenant Kevin Avery began his career with the Crestwood Police Department in 1983 when the department sponsored him through the St. Louis Police Academy. After graduation, he served in the department's Patrol, Plaza, and Traffic divisions until being promoted to Sergeant in 1991. As a supervisor, he held assignments as the department's field training coordinator, as well as other special project units. He has successfully obtained grant funding many times which has fulfilled the needs the department has had for specialized equipment.

In 2008, Lieutenant Kevin Avery was promoted to Commander of Field Operations, where he served as the Department’s Patrol Commander before being assigned to oversee the Department’s Support Services Division in 2014. His current assignment is as the administrator of all departments’ technology-based law enforcement systems, statistical reporting, training coordinator, procurement, and fleet manager.

Lieutenant Kevin Avery has served the citizens of Crestwood for more than 35 years and has received numerous commendations and awards for his service. In 2006, he received the Lt. John Walsh Outstanding Service Award. In 2020, Lieutenant Avery was the recipient of The Citation for Meritorious Service.