General Court Information


Missouri CaseNet is an online resource where you can get access to your ticket information and set up a court date reminder. 

You can look up your information by your name, court date, or ticket number. You will be able to see your charge(s), court date, fine amounts, and make a payment (if eligible). 

CLICK HERE:  Missouri CaseNet


You can make your payment by debit or credit card or electronic personal check online through the CaseNet portal.

If you want to make your payment in person you can. 

Payment forms are cash, personal check, money order, or cashier's check,(made out to Crestwood Municipal Court).  We have a kiosk in the lobby to make credit card payments.

Also, you can mail in your payment to #1 Detjen Drive, Crestwood, MO 63126 or put it into the court department dropbox next to the court department window and your receipt will be mailed to you.


If an attorney is representing you, the court cannot respond to specific questions about your case. Please contact your attorney.

If you have received a copy of your recommendation from your attorney and want to pay it online, please forward the signed copy to the court department at 

Once the disposition is entered you will be able to make the payment online once the judge has signed the agreement.

If you want to contact the prosecutor prior to your court date, please contact the prosecutor's office by email at


If you need a copy of your court records, please complete one of the court record request form to the right  and email it to or bring it in person to the court department window.