RFP- Crestview Plaza Redevelopment Area

RFP - Crestview Plaza Redevelopment Area

The City of Crestwood, Missouri is pleased to present the opportunity to qualified developers to acquire and redevelop the site of the Crestview Plaza shopping center-an area of approximately 8.8 acres at 9222 Watson Road. The City hopes to achieve several objectives by redeveloping this site: 

  1. Provide new and viable commercial, retail, entertainment, office, residential, and/or service activities for the City’s residents; 
  2. Ensure that the Redevelopment Area is developed within a reasonable time by a developer with sufficient experience and expertise; and
  3. Reinvigorate a vital commercial corridor for the Crestwood community.

To learn more, please the see the City's Request For Proposals (RFP):  RFP- Crestview Plaza Redevelopment Area

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