Prosecutor's Office

The Municipal Prosecutor represents the City of Crestwood in prosecuting violations of City ordinances. The ordinance violations range from routine traffic offenses to DWI citations. The Prosecuting Attorney also enforces the City's building code ordinances. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is committed to providing a forum for a fair and impartial process for persons accused of violating a Crestwood ordinance.

Attorney Requests for Recommendations

Requests for recommendations and discovery should be made directly to the Municipal Prosecutor's Office.  Submission of requests to the Municipal Court do not suffice for service of such documents on the Prosecuting Attorney.

Please submit a self-addressed stamped envelope for any request for recommendation or copy of a police report.

Please mail to:

Prosecuting Attorney
    City of Crestwood
 1 Detjen Drive
Crestwood, Missouri 63126

If the violation is for no proof of insurance, driving without a license, driving while revoked or suspended or failure to register, you will need to file proof of compliance. If you cannot provide supporting documents, please send us a memo to indicate that.