Crestwood Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of fitness programs for all levels. These programs are offered thru partnerships and in-house instruction.  

Hatha Yoga

Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and peace at any age and any level. Yoga encourages the mind and body to be both energized and relaxed. It is a beautiful combination. Instructor: Beronica Mead, ACE, AFAA. Ages 16+ 

Tai Chi Gung

Tai Chi Gung is a gentle exercise developed in China designed for healing and prevention for many centuries. It involves whole-body movement, mind focus, and deep breathing that opens body energy pathways, promotes smoothing energy flow, and restores organ harmony. This self-cultivation practice produces powerful healing results. Tai Chi Gung is also called "Moving Meditation," which benefits body, mind, and spirit. Instructor: Angela Carron 

Rev + Flow

REV + Flow focuses on increasing overall strength, power, flexibility, coordination, balance, and mobility. This one-of-a-kind fitness format is kind to your joints without compromising the intensity of your workout. The movements will challenge you in an inspirational and motivational way. Instructor: Marie Valentine-Elam 

Balance & Flexibility

Falls are a major concern for older adults. Our course is designed to help you avoid this risk. Through ten carefully structured classes, you'll learn exercises that promote balance and core strength, helping you stay steady on your feet.  Instructor: Megan Reininger


Taekwondo is a highly disciplined martial art that emphasizes physical conditioning, stretching, and kicking techniques. It's an exceptional program suitable for the entire family and an excellent means of cultivating self-confidence. As the program involves rigorous physical activity, participants are required to wear a uniform, which typically costs around $40. The instructor, Grant Meenach, is an accomplished 6th Degree Black Belt practitioner.