Commemorative Tree/ Bench Program

Park Benches

Benches provide an opportunity for people of all ages to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature and park activities. A donation of $1500 will pay for the installation of a bench in your favorite Park, a concrete pad (if necessary), a plaque mounted on the bench recognizing your contribution, and a Commemorative Bench Certificate. City Staff is available to meet with you to discuss potential bench locations. Bench styles will be determined by any existing benches at the chosen location.


A tree in your favorite park is a living tribute that will been joyed for many generations. Your donation of $600 will pay for the tree planting/mulching, recognition on a plaque in the Community Center, and a Commemorative Tree Certificate. Trees will be planted in the spring or the fall to ensure a healthy transition to the Ground. Please contact for the tree list

What a special way to commemorate:

Birth of a child

Special Birthday

Wedding Anniversary

Memorial to a loved one

Please choose one from the following Parks:

Whitecliff, Spellman, Ferndale, Crestwood, Sanders, Rayburn

Call (314)729-4863 for more information

Commemorative Tree/ Bench Application