What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan offers long-term guidance for community growth, real estate development, and physical improvements within a municipality. The document is reflective of the local community, utilizing community outreach to identify a vision for the future supported by key stakeholders. Based on the foundational analysis, the Comprehensive Plan is able to identify tangible actions that can be enacted to achieve this vision.


At its most basic, Crestwood’s Comprehensive Plan is a "how-to" guide, assisting with land use patterns, business growth, mobility and accessibility, maintenance of community facilities, and management of parks and recreational opportunities. Opportunities were offered throughout the planning process for residents to voice their opinions, provide feedback, and share ideas. Both in-person events and online tools were employed throughout the planning process to gather invaluable public opinion, ensuring the Comprehensive Plan is representative of the community it serves.

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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
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