City Projects

Requested Projects

  • None at this time.  

 City Initiated Projects

  • Zon 3-2020-1003 Tower Place-Alley Vacation: A request to vacate the alley way to the north of 1003 Tower Place between Satinwood Place and Wildwood Circle Dr.
  • Landscape Code Update-The City is in the process of updating the landscape code to align with the new zoning code. 
  • Government Center Updates- Main Entrance-a new main entrance that is ADA compatible is being constructed

Planning & Zoning Commission

  • CSPR 1-2021-9206 Watson Road-Minor Site Plan: A Minor Site Plan for ADA improvements at the BMO Harris Bank.
  • CSPR 2-2021-301 Watson Plaza-Minor Site Plan: A Minor Site Plan for facade and parking changes for Aldi to relocate.
  • CSPR 3-2021-9915 Watson Road-Major Site Plan: A Major Site Plan for McDonald's to tear down and rebuild a new fast-food restaurant.
  • 1 Crestwood Plaza (The Mall Project) - Major Site Plan: Dierbergs and McBride Homes have submitted a major site plan for a mixed-use commercial and residential development. Staff are reviewing the plans. 
  • CUP 1-21 -9800 Watson - Conditional Use Permit: A Conditional Use Permit for TD Nail & Bar to have an electronic message center sign.
  • CUP 2-21 9915 Watson-McDonald's- Conditional Use permit for McDonalds to operate a drive through restaurant. 

Board of Zoning Adjustment

  • 9915 Watson-McDonald's-Variance: Landscape Buffer, Structure Setback, and fence material modifications.
  • 9230 Tea Rose-Residential Property-Variance: Construction of a deck within the front yard setback.