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Request for Public Records

  1. Directions
    Please make available to me the following records. If portions of the requested records are closed, please segregate the closed portions and provide me with the rest of the records. (Be as specific as possible and include time periods, if applicable. Vague or overly broad requests may delay a response or result in unnecessary expense to you.)
  2. Acknowledgement
    I understand that there may be charges for the City's response to this request and that payment of such fees is required prior to receiving these records.
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  4. If you are not asking that the fee be waived, you do not need to tell how the information will be used.
  5. How would you like to receive copies of the requested records?*
  6. Under Missouri Law
    Public records are to be provided by the end of the third business day following the date the City Clerk receives the request. The law allows this time to be extended if there is a reasonable cause for delay. If a delay occurs, you will be notified of the reason, and when the records will be made available. RSMO 610.023.3 to be completed by the custodian of records.
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