Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer enforces various municipal codes with regards to residential and commercial properties throughout the City.

Report a Code Enforcement Violation

The Code Enforcement Officer handles:

  • General code violations
  • Demolition and dumpster permits
  • Maintaining chicken and bee permits
  • Rental re-occupancy applications
  • And much, much more

Code Education Center

  1. Public nuisances
  2. Trees & Stumps
  3. Fences
  4. RV, Boats & Trailers
  5. Excessive Animal Noise
  6. IPMC building codes

Grass & Weeds

The City of Crestwood requires that the growth of weeds or grass of any type to a height in excess of seven inches or more on any property. Also, weed cuttings, cut, fallen or hazardous trees and shrubs are also prohibited and must be cleaned up.

Trash & Rubbish

The accumulation of rubbish, litter, waste materials or debris of any kind on a property, this may include parts of derelict cars or trucks, broken furniture and any flammable material which may endanger public safety.

Logs & Firewood

Firewood that is not stacked five inches or more off the ground at all times and/or not located behind the front of the building line of the property. 

Stagnated Water

Any pool of stagnant water standing on any premises. 

Noises & Smells

Repetitive emission of noises, odors or fumes beyond the property owned or occupied by the party creating such condition, including but not limited to, leaking sanitary sewer laterals.

Excessive Barking

Please see the Excessive Animal Noise tab to the left to learn more about those types of complaints.

(Crestwood City Code, Sect. 16-56)