The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Crestwood and their guests by offering recreation and leisure opportunities, facilities, open space and related services. The Department administers the community center, recreation programs, the aquatic center, facility and shelter rentals, and special events. 

Park Department History

  • The first Park Board was created by Ordinance 552 on October 27, 1959. While the first Park Board minutes date back to May 1962, the supervision of work orders, park permits, etc. were handled by a volunteer Park Commissioner. The full-time departmental operation started in 1976. 
  • The first park development began with Ferndale Park being given to the City. 
  • Sanders Park is believed to have once been owned by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD). 
  • Spellman Park became part of the City when the area was annexed. 
  • Rayburn Park and the Historic Sappington House Complex were purchased in 1961 following the passage of a park bond issue. 
  • Crestwood Park had its total acreage acquired by 1962. 
  • The original eight-acre Whitecliff Park (formerly named the Vauk Land Park) was purchased in 1961, with the development beginning in 1965. In 1971 the City acquired 72 acres of Whitecliff Park through the Land and Water Conservation Fund and in 1999 the remaining five acres.
  • A ½ cent Park and Stormwater Sales Tax was approved by voters in August of 2000, with the intention to help finance parks and recreation operations and maintenance.

Parks Maintenance

While working out of the Public Works Garage and the Parks Shop, the Parks Maintenance Division is under the direct supervision of the Director of Parks and Recreation. In addition to park operations - including maintaining the six City parks and the Sappington House Complex - the City's Parks Maintenance team also helps maintain Grant’s Trail, two cemeteries, the U-turn Ramp, roadsides, islands, and other City properties.